The Simple Candle blog is dedicated to discussing chemistry and the difficulties of explaining it.

The Simple Candle is the private blog of Stephen Prilliman, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Oklahoma City University.  Opinions are my own and subject to change.

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  1. Hi – can you tell me something about the ap course ledger…. if a HS has not submitted ANY class to the audit by today 11/7/13, is it safe to say they have missed the boat? First quarter grades are out and NOTHING is on the ledger for this year. Also HS has failed to put virtual classes on the audit that students have been enrolled in for several years. Have they used the trademark inappropriately? We know CB would never keep a kid from taking the test – its is all about mis-use of trademark and really receiving AP level course instruction. any help would be good. I would have expected to see at minimum those classes previously audited on the ledger by now.

    • Hi Ami,

      As a caveat, I am not an expert on the Ledger. However, at least for chemistry, schools have until January to submit audits for this school year, so your school still has time.

      For the virtual classes, you are right, your school made a mistake by not having those audited separately from the rest of the classes. A virtual class is going to receive a pretty tough look, especially regarding the lab programs. Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done about those now, though, as you point out, there shouldn’t be any harm done to the students since their credit is based on the exam not the audited course.

      I’m not sure what you mean exactly when you say “I would have expected to see at minimum those classes previously audited”. By previously do you mean before this academic year, or earlier in this academic year? I’m not sure how often the Ledger updates. That might be a question for someone at your regional College Board office.

      I hope that helps! If it doesn’t please comment back.


  2. SP – thanks a bunch. No one at CB has been able to assist – they all feel like it is some big secret!

    Unfortunately it seems a great deal of failure on the part of the HS Site Coord. Maybe not informed, I don’t know. I was under the impression that a teacher who’s class, say calculus (since that hasn’t been reworked), passed the audit say two years back could be updated on the Course Ledger along with all previously audited classes beginning in March and by October 15 if the school wanted the classes to be listed on the initial November 1, ledger – it is updated weekly after that . That only new teacher’s classes, new to the school classes (not using either a sample syllabus or copy of another teacher at that school) or redesigned classes would need to submit both curriculum and syllabus for audit process.

    What I don’t like about this whole thing is not knowing where things stand and how they will play out. My son is in 3 APs, one is a redesign class, one has a new to HS never taught AP teacher… I am not so concerned about the redesign – very much over the new teacher! Students will pay dearly if not enough or proper info is covered before the sit in on test not knowing if the audit ever passes. I can’t understand why 2/3 the year is over before that initial submission must be in. doesn’t quite jive for the students.

    CB says you can’t use AP on transcripts, handbooks – I would assume that extends to report cards too – since College’s could conceivably look up prospective students courses and see the no “approved” class on both 1st quarter and 1st semester grades.

    Grrrr… thanks a bunch. also – ALL other HSs in the area are current which leads me to believe this IS NOT a good sign

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